Raining in Mulundi

The rainy season has started. According to James it rains all night and in the morning then the clouds burn off in the afternoon. There is a lot of mud. He has been challenged to use the internet and check email because of the frequent power outages and loss of cell signal.

Library in use.

The official library opening was on Wednesday. Pictures will follow: James let the primary school teachers record the event with his camera. It will be interesting to see what they decided to shoot when he gets back next month. Even though the opening was Wednesday the library has been in service for a month now and is very popular. We will be adding quite a few books in the next month and are discussing the idea of declaring 2012 “The Year of the Book” and trying to focus on building up the book collection. This year, 2011, we put quite a bit of effort into construction: it cost approximately $12,000 for the two classrooms at Kwa Muema an additional $1000 was given to match community funds to finish the rooms that existed when we started the new classrooms and about $1000 was spent refurbishing the library. 

The Form 4 students started taking their national exams last week. They travel to Kabaa another small secondary school about 3 miles away for the tests. They had to take two trips with a cattle drawn cart to move the desks and chairs from Kwa Muema to Kabaa for testing.

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