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Kabaa- New Library – A Foundation Set in Stone

The local priest blessed Kabaa’s New Library foundation stone. Thank you to everyone who showed up for the event.  


7 Year Celebration and Fundraising Dinner

Please join us for our annual fundraising dinner as we celebrate 7 years of our mission work in Kenya. Date : Saturday, November 4, at 5:00 pm Venue:  St. John’s...


Teacher’s “Lounge”- Kwa Muema High School, 2011

Kwa Muema High School – Mulundi.

We have provided and will continue to provide funds to purchase desks and text books for students at Kwa Muema High School- Mulundi. Each desk costs US$60 and the text books cost $50 per student per year. While in Kenya we provided several literature books to Kwa Muema High School-Mulundi to start them on a lending program. We also distributed pens and pencils to students. (Some of the pens were provided by Scholastic Journey).

More literature books and school supplies are provided upon request and as needed.

Mulundi Primary School

2011 : This summer we purchased text books for Standards 6, 7 and 8 to allow students better access to texts so they can study for national exams. A few books were also purchased for the library to support the newly forming Mentoring Program for Girls.

Now that the library is refurbished we are working to supply books. Meanwhile, in Seattle, we are seeking funds to purchase books.

2012-2014: More books in both English and Kiswahili have been purchased for Mulundi Community Library. Our library collection is almost 1,000 books and targets 800 students. 4 periodicals are also available for reference.



Scholarship Students with Mr. Munyoki and Mrs. Muema – 2011

While in Mulundi we identified, with the help of local community leaders students who were from disadvantaged family backgrounds who had academic promise for scholarships. Since secondary school is not free in Kenya many families struggle to meet this expense. Our scholarship program includes a Mentoring Program for our students.

In 2011 we offered 15 scholarships. 12 to secondary schools, 1 to a training college and 2 to university students.

For the 2012 school year we have formalized the process for scholarship applications, Gretchen came back with a big stack. We are reviewing them now; trying to balance need and academic promise, with willingness to work hard and give back to the community. So many needy scholars…Only one of our current scholars is graduating this year. We have eleven people who look very promising for the one open scholarship. It costs about $150 for one year of high school. There is also a cost for school uniforms: about $60 at this time. The uniforms typically last two years before the student outgrows or wears it out.

In 2012, our scholarship numbers are 30 high school students and 5 college students.

In 2013, our scholarship numbers are 34 high school students and 5 college students. 9 seniours will graduate high school and Felix will graduate college in Dec, 2013.

In 2014 our scholarship numbers are 34 high school students and 8 college students. We take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Faith Maingi on her admission to Kenyatta University to pursue a degree in education.  Ms. Faith Maingi has already been offered a scholarship by her high school donor, Dr. Ann Blake. 12 students will be graduating from high school this year.