New Library – Kabaa Community bring sand and rocks

Community Input into new library at Kabaa Secondary School – Sand and rock are on site!   Good wishes to all the students taking the national exam this year. We are rooting for you.


New Library – Kabaa Secondary Sch. – Kitui, Kenya

A new Library for Kabaa Sec. Sch., Kitui, Kenya. Kabaa Board Members met in July to choose the new site for the new library.        



New Library for Kabaa Secondary School, Kitui County, Kenya. Isabella Strehle is volunteering with Books and Bricks as we partner with Kabaa Community to construct and equip a library at Kabaa Secondary School. Kabaa is one of the three schools day co-ed schools that children from Mulundi Village attend. Isabella helped us earlier when she […]


COMPLETE and in Use – Kilonzo Library

CONGRATULATIONS to Kilonzo community and Books and Bricks. Congratulations to Kilonzo community and Books and Bricks for completing a new library. Every student can hold a book and read for success. Thank you to all our donors for seeing this library from land grant to utilization. ¬†Kilonzo community is planning to add to their library […]


Kilonzo Library – Ready for Painting

Kilonzo High School new library is ready for painting. Thank you to the Board of Governors at Kilonzo and the Principal for overseeing the successful construction of a new library in Kenya.