News from the Librarian

We recieved the following email from Pius the librarian in Mulundi:

Dear Madam,
Good afternoon. We are going well with James .He is helping me so much. Last week I visited JICA library and I Learned many things. The librarian there, she promised to help me and also she told me that they will organize on how they will help us with some reading materials.
In fact majority of the pupils have created an interest on coming and reading books in the library. On Thursday there will be parents’ day and members of mentoring club will narrate the stories to their parents and teachers.
I also request if you can purchase some more novels and story books for both Kiswahili and English for class 5 to class 8, Newspapers and more revision books.
Yours faithfully, Pius Maswili

James reports that every time he goes to the library it is full of people reading.

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