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Donor Appreciation Dinner

Donor Appreciation Dinner is a parish wide celebration of our mission work in Mulundi.  This event will be held on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018. This year we celebrate...


Happy Women’s World Day

Books and Bricks recognizes teachers and especially female teachers making a difference in our communities. Mrs. Mary Muli at Kabaa Secondary School has been mentoring...


A “Library” at Mulundi Primary.

The library is good resource for any school. Opposite is a library at Mulundi Primary School circa 2011.

Books and Bricks applied and was awarded a grant from the Commission to the Church in the World, Episcopal Diocese of Olympia to refurbish the library.

Gretchen founder of Aurelia Holdings, visited Mulundi in August/September 2011 to assist with refurbishing the old library into new. She assisted the community to hire and train a librarian. She also coordinated with Monroe Elementary School in Boise Idaho to obtain books for the library.


Ready for set up.

The new library was set up with new chairs, painting and a calendar. It had only 12 current books. While the old ‘ Library’  was not being visited except by teachers, the new library is always full and busy.

New busy community library at Mulundi Primary.