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Kabaa- New Library – A Foundation Set in Stone

The local priest blessed Kabaa’s New Library foundation stone. Thank you to everyone who showed up for the event.  


7 Year Celebration and Fundraising Dinner

Please join us for our annual fundraising dinner as we celebrate 7 years of our mission work in Kenya. Date : Saturday, November 4, at 5:00 pm Venue:  St. John’s...


"Library" in March 2011

In March when we were in Mulundi Mr. Munyoki, headmaster of the primary school talked to us about the possibility of creating a library and computer lab at the primary school. The library would be a resource for the primary school, secondary school and larger community. The reason for choosing the  primary school as the location is that it has power already on the premises. Mr. Munyoki showed us a classroom building used as  “the library”.

On our return to Seattle we thought things through and had Mr. Munyoki send us a schedule of the costs to refurbish the room for use as a library. We applied and were awarded a grant from the Commission to the Church in the World, Episcopal Diocese of Olympia to refurbish the library. The work was done starting in July, 2011.

Gretchen at Mulundi Village

Gretchen founder of Aurelia Holdings, visited Mulundi in August/September 2011. She assisted the community to hire a librarian, Pius Maswili, and trained him. She also coordinated with Monroe Elementary School in Boise Idaho to obtain books for the library and pay Pius a stipend for his efforts.




Ready for set up.

During this same time frame Gretchen, inspired by the idea of starting a library at an elementary school, contacted friends at Monroe Elementary School in Boise, Idaho. They offered to provide a stipend for a library volunteer (basically lunch money) for one year. In mid-August Gretchen traveled to Mulundi where she audited the use of funds from the grant, participated with a committee of community members to select a librarian, and trained the librarian. The library began with only 12 books but has grown now to about 120 and more books are being added: books are purchased locally as funds become available, donated by alumni of the primary school and other community members. The librarian at Monroe Elementary is working to arrange to send books from the US.


Busy Library

James reports that the library is always full when he come by to work with Pius (about 5 days a week). The children do not check books out. They each have a bookmark with their name on it and the books are shared.

The library was officially opened on October 19th. See a gallery of photos from the opening ceremony.