Kwa Muema Secondary School is a mixed (co-ed) day school.  The name means ‘Place of Goodness’.

The school was founded in 2009 to provide secondary education for Mulundi Primary School pupils.

A local Councillor, Mr. Muema Nzine, donated land to build the High School.  The water catchment tank, donated by the  Ministry of Water, is seen lying on its side in front of the building.

Kwa Muema School, June 2010In the summer of 2010, Books and Bricks Global, then a church ministry in the Diocese of Olympia funded two classrooms. Grants were provided by Commission to the Church in the World.

Mulundi-Kwa Muema Seocndary School Form 1 Fall 2011

Kwa Muema High School Library Project

Kwa Muema high school library is complete and in use.  It serves 9 teachers and 175+ students.  The current librarian is Mr. Okumu who also teaches literature at the school. The library was funded by Books and Bricks Global in partnership with the local community and Diocese of Olympia MDG grants.

Library foundation   Men at work, Library Foundation wall.

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