Books and Bricks Global
Mission: Promote and Increase Access to Education for Children.

Our Shared Vision – Uniting stakeholders to increase access to education!

Books and Bricks Global partners with parents teachers and the government, therefore uniting stakeholders in our shared vision to increase access to education for children. At one of our partners schools, teachers committed to two hours for a before and afterschool program, as a result, students are able to complete the required syllabus. At another primary school, Books and Bricks Scholars arrived early to paint and draw with 3rd graders. Finally, while the 4th graders are at home, we are partnering to provide them with a holiday assignment book, exercise book to journal and a pen.


( Celebrated on March 8th, 2021. Theme: Women in Leadership…)

The efforts of Women in leadership positions ensures the future success of children in education, historical, cultural and political spheres especially Mothers who taught their kids with limited resources when schools remained closed for over 10 months worldwide!

Week of Service – Ground breaking of The Hatch Family Library. Parents, teachers, administrators and students dug the foundation for their new high school library.

“In one school, all teachers had reported by 8:00am and in classes teaching”.

1st week of school.

Learn Anywhere Program (LAP) by Books and Bricks Global Scholars has launched.  Watch this video for more, BBG Scholars Launch LAP Program

On the ground with Books and Bricks Global…

Vision: Every child on the Road to Success. 

Our Focus: Sustainable Scholarship, School buildings, Education support and a Successful Mentoring Program by Books and Bricks Global Scholars. 

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More from our October video.

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