Books & Bricks Global …
Helping children in rural Kenya one book and brick at a time.

Vision Statement: Partners In Education.

Mission Statement: Premier Partners in Education.  Books and Bricks Global partners with schools to provide a future for children in Africa.

Partner Schools in Kitui County, Kenya:

  1. Mulundi Primary School
  2. Mulundi Early Childhood Education (ages 3-6)
  3. Kusoma Initiative Kids  at St. James (mother and child program for ages 0-3 years).
  4. Kwa Muema High School
  5. Kilonzo High School
  6. Kyanika Secondary School
  7. Kabaa High School
  8. St. Angela’s Girls High School
  9. St. Thomas Aquinas Kalawa Boys High School (Alumni teachers/University students)
  10. Kwa Ngindu Secondary School


  • Sustainable Scholarship Program: For high school and college students.
  • School Buildings: Construction of classrooms and Libraries.
  • School Supplies: Teachers, Librarians, Computers, Pens, Books, Paper etc
  • Student Mentoring Program

Development Partners:

  • St. James Batavia Anglican Church – Diocese of Kitui, Anglican Church of Kenya.
  • African Inland Church- Kavuvoni, Kitui.
  • Mulundi Catholic Church- Bomas Parish, Kitui.
  • Redeemed Gospel Church – Mulundi, Kitui.
  • Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, Washington.
  • Monte and Jeana Frazier Family – Seattle and Nebraska.
  • Andrew and Robin Deceunyk Family –  Seattle.
  • Kwa Ngindu Community

Parish Home: Saint John’s and the Diocese of Olympia

Books and Bricks is an outreach ministry of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in West Seattle. St. John has been involved in Mulundi Village since 2004 with the construction of St. James Batavia Anglican Church.

We hold fundraising events and informational events at Saint John’s to raise money for scholarships, school supplies (Books, pens, pencils) and school building projects.

Our common life depends on each other’s toil.
Book of Common Prayer, Pg 134