Call to Action: Donate here to fund a library. 

Let me tell you a story.  A student once told me that after walking for 3 hours to the nearest library one way, and back, she could only read one book a month if she was lucky, after all, there was foraging of food to be done. Now, imagine teaching in a school without a library! 

First, we invite you to fund a library for $10,000. In addition to your generous gift, the local community provides in-kind donations thereby reducing construction costs.  For instance, bricks and rocks for construction are provided locally. Most importantly, every member of the community is invited to take part in the library ground breaking ceremony therefore creating ownership of the library. 

The following schools have benefited from a Books and Bricks Global funded library.

  1. St. Mulumba’s Kwa Muema Secondary School – Kenya.
  2. Kilonzo Secondary School – Kenya.
  3. Kabaa Secondary School – Kenya.
  4. Peter & Mary Deveau Library at Kwa Ngindu Secondary School – Kitui County, Kenya.
  5. Godwin & Stinson Library at Kivumbuni Secondary School – Kitui South, Kenya.
  6. Theo Vincent Library at Utwiini Secondary School – Kitui South, Kenya.
  7. Virginia Library at St. Mary’s Masaani Secondary School – Kitui Rural, Kenya.
  8. The Hatch Family Library at Kyamithenge Secondary – Makueni County, Kenya.
  9. We are currently raising funds to construct 15 more libraries in the next 3 years. 


Call to Action: Donate here to fund a library with Books and Bricks Global! Our future is bright for the students.