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KWA NGINDU LIBRARY – Construction continues.

The Fundis at Kwa Ngindu are back after the Christmas holiday to continue with library construction.       Local construction materials on site.         Fundi’s...


Congratulations – Simon Graduation

Simon – A Books and Bricks Scholar graduated from Kenya Technical University with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.



The community is rich in clay soil to make bricks.  Our brick work includes:

  • 1. Community Library at Mulundi Primary School.
  • 2. Two brand new classrooms fully equipped at Kwa Muema Secondary.
  • 3. New High School library at St. Mulumba’s Kwa Muema.
  • 4. New High School library at Kilonzo Secondary School.
  • 5. New High School library at Kabaa Secondary School.

Our future is bright for the students.