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New Library – Kabaa Secondary Sch. – Kitui, Kenya

A new Library for Kabaa Sec. Sch., Kitui, Kenya. Kabaa Board Members met in July to choose the new site for the new library.        



New Library for Kabaa Secondary School, Kitui County, Kenya. Isabella Strehle is volunteering with Books and Bricks as we partner with Kabaa Community to construct...



In the last six years have accomplished the following:

1)      We repaired and modified an existing classroom building to house a library for the community located at Mulundi primary school.

2)      From September of 2010 to July of 2011 we provided funds to build two classrooms and, along with funds raised by the community, assisted finish the pre-existing classrooms and administration block for Kwa Muema High School.

3)      Since July 2014, we are in the process of constructing and equipping a new high school library at Kwa Muema High School. The library is complete and in use.

4) Construction of a new library at Kilonzo Secondary School in Kitui. The foundation stone was laid on October 19th, 2016. The library is scheduled to be completed and ready for utilization by May 1st, 2017.

5) Construction of a new library at Kabaa Secondary School, Kitui, Kenya.

Future: Construct a parish hall with the congregation of St. James Batavia Anglican Church of Kenya to serve as a community center which will house a St. James Baby Class program, sewing school and other vocational programs to serve the community.