Rainy Season is Over

According to James the rainy season seems to be pretty much over…and so is his time in Mulundi.  He has less than two weeks remaining. There was a lot of rain this year so there should be reasonable crops and in a few months the famine should be over.

Canon Simba

Last week he met with Canon Simba who oversees St. Mary’s Kalawa Parish, (of which St. James Batavia is a member). He and the Canon spent time philosophizing about the future of the church in general as well as discussing the need for a fellowship hall at St. James.

He also told me that a girl in his class said that it is good for a man to have two wives: then he will be fat.

The new puppies, born a couple of weeks ago, are getting more adventurous and he hiked up Kavuvoni hills on Saturday.  He is going to look for a Kamba hymnal to bring home with him.


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