Welcome to our 12 Days of Joyous Giving

Happy Holidays and welcome to our 12 Days of Joyous Giving

  1. A box of 5 boxes for $25 for preschoolers.
  2. A one-year high school scholarship for $112.
  3. A donation towards equipping a Science Lab-min. $50.
  4. Two-year school supplies for a high schooler $100.
  5. A high school library at $12,500. You name the library!
  6. A full college scholarship for $4000.
  7. A computer for a college student for $400.
  8. A 4-year high school scholarship for $448.
  9. A semester of college education for $500.
  10.  A  classroom donation for $8000. You name the classroom!
  11. Become a monthly sustainer for $25
  12. A donation of your choice is most welcome.

Thank you for your Joyous donations.

Thanks to earlier donations, a Books and Bricks Global scholar completed college, is now teaching high school,  her students have access to a library resource and a great mentor!