Virtual Fundraiser – Students at work and much more!

BBG Scholars hand out school supplies

Please join us for our Virtual Fundraiser on Saturday, Oct 3rd, at 7pm PST.  We will be raising funds for (a) Scholarships (b) School buildings (c) Education Support and to (d) empower our Books and Bricks Scholars to continue mentoring students in elementary and high school.  Here is a portrait of BBG Scholars at work.

BBG Scholars and mothers celebrate a new library in Kenya. In August we are breaking ground on another library.


More classrooms are needed to meet Covid-19 health restrictions of 6ft. We invite you to fund a brand new classroom for $10,000 with a minilibrary equipped inside.
Primary students enjoying new books at Mulundi Community Library, Kitui, Kenya.
Students and teachers believe in hard work for a better life.

With your support for scholarships, school buildings, school supplies and mentoring, they will succeed.  DONATE NOW to support Books and Bricks Global’s mission work to increase access to education for children in rural areas.