Update on Mulundi Community Library

Primary students enjoying new books at Mulundi Community Library, Kitui, Kenya.


Carpenter building bookshelves for Mulundi Community Library, Kitui, Kenya.
Fundi (skilled builder) Mwanzia Mweke.

We have been here in Mulundi for just over a week. Ken has been teaching at Kwa Muema Secondary so I will let him talk about that. I have spent the week helping Pius in the library. As I type this bookshelves are being built. A total of 96 linear feet of book shelf will be available early next week. The carpenter, Mr. Mwanza, says that the first unit will be complete by 2:00 today.

We brought approximately 220 books from Seattle and purchased a hundred or so in Nairobi. I have been helping Pius to organize the books to make them easier for children to find what they are looking for (the book shelves will help enormously with this as, initially Pius was keeping all of the books in a closet and passing them out and restoring them each time a group of students entered. We progressed to having cardboard boxes with the books sorted by reading level (the teachers sorted them).

Kwa Muema Secondary students reading on their first visit to Mulundi Community Library, Kitui, Kenya.Also this week we have had each class  from the high school come up to get library cards and see what books are available. We also had the baby class come to listen to music and look at some of the children’s books. They really seemed to enjoy it.

Mulundi Primary School teacers learning to email at the Mulundi Community Library, Kitui, Kenya.The other group who seems to be enjoying the library is the teachers in the community. They have been looking at books and yesterday we spent the morning helping them to get email addresses so they can have e-pen friends in Seattle.

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