Thanksgiving – A Journey of gratitude

Join us in a journey of gratitude this month. Even with the ongoing challenges in the world, students that we meet continue to be excited about learning. Pauline says, ‘This month, I will complete my first year of high school!‘  Pauline is funded by Books and Bricks Global Reverend Donna Reilly Memorial Scholarship Fund for educating girls in SubSaharan Africa. Felistus, a 2nd year college student states, ‘During my first year in college I studied Archeology and History and visited several archaeological sites in the country‘.

The current challenges facing students in East Africa include Eblola in Uganda which has seen schools close nationwide, two weeks before schedule to reduce infections.  Extreme food shortages in Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia has led to famine and students missing school to forage for food. Covid 19 and poverty made worse by inflation and increased food prices around the world continue to cut into academic progress for children.

In Kenya, schools will be closing in Mid-November to pave way for the national exams.  The national examinations end on December 23rd, just in time for Christmas and New Year holidays.  This will conclude the fast-track academic year due to Covid successfully.

In our journey of gratitude, we are thankful for policies which increase access to education in 2023 and beyond, actions that provide immediate relief of food and medical care for those in lower socio-economic bracket and long term investment in education.