Telecommunications: can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em

After a good chat with James Monday, we entered a dark period.

For some reason his phone stopped working and I couldn’t get through. The first message was that he did not have enough minutes to complete the call, the next several were that “the subscriber is not available”. Both bunk as it turned out. However, since James couldn’t use the cell phone or check how much airtime he had for the computer he went into minimal communications mode and I could’t call. He didn’t respond until I sent the “Are you alive?” message (one step before calling in the Marines…actually I would have called Mama Janet, but she could whip a few Marines into shape!) He did respond to that and his phone is, by the grace of God, back in order.

Turns out he is alive, and well, if a little hot during the afternoons. He is using his bottled water as weights for exercises, modeling reading–currently A Farewell to Arms, and playing the guitar. He has his English class reading The Old Man and the Sea aloud and has started trying to teach Physics as well as Business.

He reported that he really enjoys the time he spends each day with Pius (“he’s a cool dude”)and that he is offering the opportunity for the teachers to come to the library after school to learn to type. Several are taking advantage of this. While it is not formal training, teachers who know how to type will find it easier to learn computer skills since they will be familiar with the keyboard.

It sounds like “the mamas” are thoroughly spoiling him. It will be a rude awakening when he gets home!

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