Three celebrities keeping children in school.

African teacher distributing books to school children
Students enjoy quiet reading time at our new library.

A teacher hands out ‘Blossoms of the Savannah’ by H. R. Ole Kulet inside a library. Blossoms of the Savannah by H.R. Ole Kulet is required reading in Kenya. The book discusses themes of rape and female genital mutilation. This Books and Bricks Global-funded library provides a safe, quiet reading area for girls.

The local chief represents the office of the president. We partner with local chiefs to inform parents about mobile library clinics, community fundraising events, ground-breaking ceremonies for new libraries or classrooms, parent meetings etc.

Currently, about 80% of students reported for 1st year of high school in August. The government is actively tracking the other 20%.

Finally the religious leader: African traditional religions have always had a female priest serving in shrines. Most female religious leaders play a critical role in village life because they are also mid-wives!

In one rural partner village, the local religious leaders are an ordained Anglican Reverend, named Mother Sophia and a local Catholic nun. On Thursday afternoons, Reverend Sophia and the catholic nun volunteer their time listening to high school students. They also walk about the village to meet parents and encourage them to keep children in school.

With your generosity, we funded 15 new scholarships to students at St. Matthias Secondary School this month. Thank you.