Speech at 2012 Mulundi Girl Harambee by Grace Kyalo

Grace Kyalo speaking at Harambee for Girl Child Education in Mulundi, Kitui, Kenya.
 A summary of speech during girl child Harambee at Mulundi, Kitui, Kenya, held on February 18, 2011 at St. James Batavia Anglican Church by Grace Kithusi.
” Educating a girl child is educating the whole community” this is a very familiar phrase in Kenya. Being Actualized through the Support of Books and Bricks, an initiative of St Johns ACK Church in Seattle, USA, this is more than a dream come true for the girls of this small village of Mulundi in Kitui District, Eastern province of Kenya. if I recall well, about twenty years ago or so, very few persons had formal education, educated women were even hard to come by. Over the years, the community has strives to put children through secondary school and even up to university level. This however continue to be a great challenge for girls since boys are given more preference due to limited resources within the households. Any initiative to support the girl education is a very important venture and will ensure they too have an opportunity for education. This is also a sure way of empowering the girls for employment or business hence a securing a better future for them.
For Mulundi girls, Musome! Musome! Musome!- I urge you to read and get educated for a better future!!”

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