Phone Fun

We made Janet’s day: this morning when I called James I couldn’t hear him at all, but there was a woman’s voice speaking in Swahili. “She” didn’t understand when I asked, repeatedly, to speak to James. Finally I hung up and called Janet. She called her mother and then James. Turned out he was standing somewhere with no reception and the voice was a recorded message!

Things are going along with no particular upheavals: 

Primary Teachers are going back to work and secondary are expected to settle soon so we will probably be paying scholarships this week. James hopes to go with Mrs. Muema to meet the students and see their schools.

Mr. Ndana, the headmaster at Kwa Muema has arrived and is doing some teaching so they are not as short handed as they were when school started last week. They will be sending us a list of texts for approval tomorrow and should be able to purchase them this week.

Pius Maswili, Librarian

James met Pius Maswili, the new librarian. Turns out he is a good friend of Mr. Elijah and his sister is the other teacher at Kwa Muema.

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