Our annual fundraiser is here.  Today, we invite you to give and increase access to education.

In rural remote areas, lack of education leaves girls as young as ten with the three worst choices in life.  Books and Bricks Global is creating opportunities in for all students.

We are raising funds for:

  • Infrastructure: We just completed a library. We are building a science laboratory.
  • Sustainable scholarships: We provide scholarships that last the duration of study.
  • Education Support: We provide school supplies to students to ensure equal access to pens, pencils, charts, books and teachers etc.
  • Mental Health support: We provide continuous mentoring to students in high schools and college.

We invite you to give now and connect students with much needed resources to excel.

Ways to Give!

  1. Online: Click on this link and make a generous donation. DONATE

2. PayPal:   Office@BooksandBricksGlobal.ORG

3. Check: Make a check to Books and Bricks Global, PO BOX 16021, Seattle, WA 98116.

Donations to Books and Bricks Global are tax deductible as allowed by the law. Books and Bricks Global is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Thank you very much.  Books and Bricks Global.