News From Gretchen #1

(Gretchen has sent several posts via email. I  will put them up in the order she assigned them. KM)

Hi All!

I have arrived in the village at the home of Janet’s parents.  It is a very nice compound and practically self-sustaining, as the large gardens and livestock provide most of the family’s food.  The village has been very welcoming, and I know I will enjoy my time here. 

I have met with some members of the School Committee to discuss the library and computer use, and also several members of the community to discuss their vision for the library.  Everyone I have met with is excited about the possibilities the library and computers may bring.  Mr. Munyoki, the visionary headmaster of Mulundi Primary School, and the School Committee are committed to developing a reading culture among the all of the students, both primary and secondary, in Mulundi.  The library will be an integral step in that direction. 

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