News From Gretchen #3

Now for the computers!  Kenya Vision 2030 is the government’s plan for bringing Kenya to a mid-level economy by 2030.  As part of this plan, the government has started a rural electrification program to bring electricity to all villages in Kenya and especially to provide electricity to village schools.  Mulundi Primary School received power recently.  Also as part of Vision 2030, the government is developing a plan to ensure every student is computer literate and able to use computers in the workplace.  They will eventually provide training and computers to all schools.  Mr. Munyoki, the headmaster of Mulundi Primary School, is a visionary leader and forward thinker, and has the desire to bring computer training to his students as early as possible.  St. John’s has donated two computers to test at the library.  The computers will be tested to determine whether they can work with the power in place and whether the possibility of donating computers to the students is viable.  More to come as the testing progresses.

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