News From Gretchen #2

It was decided before I left Seattle that a volunteer librarian should be hired to manage the library and assist students with learning how to use a library.   Volunteers customarily receive a small monthly stipend to buy items that cannot be made or grown on the land.  For a year-long class project, Helga Gabrielli’s 3/4 grade class at Monroe  Elemenary School in Boise, Idaho is going to raise the funds to maintain the librarian for the coming school year.  The students are very excited about this opportunity to assist the students of Mulundi Primary School, and the hope is that the classes will be able to exchange letters this coming school year.   


The Hiring Committee interviewed 6 candidates, all former students of Mulundi Primary School.  It was a tough decision, as the Committee members knew all six candidates and it would have been great if they all could have been chosen.  After a very fair and thorough assessment of skills and abilities and an oral interview, the Committee chose Jason Pius Maswili.  Pius has some experience with libraries, as well as some computer experience.  He looks forward to serving the students of Mulundi as their librarian, and we look forward to assisting Pius with additional training and resources as available.

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