New Scholarship Students

It can be so difficult to see the tremendous need.

Alex and James saying goodbye in March

In March when we were in Mulundi visiting Kwa Muema Secondary one of the kids we met was Alex, he was prefect for his form and won the reading contest we had. Between his family’s challenging financial situation, his father is dead and his mother works casually, or not at all; and the increase in school fees due to inflation which has resulted from the famine,  he has been unable to get together all of the school fees for this quarter. We have been able to help him by providing a partial scholarship so that he can complete the school year. He is one of the many applicants for scholarships for next year. With only one year left of school it would be a pity for such a good student to have to drop out. For this reason I am sponsoring Alex. 

Another good student with only a year left, Mandela, was brought to James’s attention when he was at Kyangwithya Secondary paying school fees for scholarship students. Janet has arranged for someone in Kenya to sponsor Mandela for the rest of this year and has sent an application form to his head teacher for him to apply. Is there anyone out there who might take on Mandela (or another student) for 2012? The cost for a year of school fees is only about $150.

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