Meet Scholar Kalekye Kitonga

My name is Scholar Kalekye. I come from a single parent family. There in my family we live with five adults. They are: my mother, my grandmother, my elder sister and my two elder brothers, but they are not able to provide me with my basic needs even they struggles a lot to get food for the family.

In my family there are aso seven children apart from me. Four of them are my sisters and the others are for my sister. We live in peace although we are not comfortable because some of them do not attend school. They are waiting for me to acheive my dream which is to work hard and provide them with education after my studies and I hope I will achieve it in god’s help.

My parent does not have a good job. Her work is just farming but not all the time. When the rain comes she struggles to get seeds and if she does not get she goes to my uncle and asks him humbly to have mercy on her.

The crops that she uses to grow are substance crops like maize, cassava, sweet potatoes and beans. And when it comes time to harvest  she harvests and sells some of them in order to get our other basic needs apart from food.

I help in my family by digging, cooking and also planting. But I wish to help a lot when I achieve my dream. Not only in the farm but also in other things like educating children and giving them the medical care and also I would like to serve my community and my country.

On the side in school like going to school early and listening to teachers and following they instructions even when I was in Std seven I was doing the same thing and even if I go to secondary I will not stop doing that because it is my habit.

My favorite subject is English and I performs well in it. In the first term I was performing poorly but now I have pulled up my socks and start performing well. The main thing that have made me like it is that English is the most important subject because you can’t be employed in office yet you do not know how to speak English.

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