Meet Mwova Mulimi


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Mwova Mulimi, Student at Mulundi-Kwa Muema Secondary School in KenyaI am Mulimi Mwova a form one at Kwa Muema Secondary School. My parents are Mr. Mwova and Mrs. Magret. They are all alive. My family comprises of ten members two parents and eight children.

My parents are farmers. They majority grow maize, peas, cassava and sukuma wiki.

I normally take part in various activities in the home after school such as watering sukuma wiki, fetching water, collecting firewood and also cultivating in the shamba.

My favorite subject is physics. I normally work hard on it so that I can achieve my set goal in life, that is, to be a mechanical engineer and I understand that through this I can improve the nature of my family and save them from all vicious circle of hardship.