Meet Mr. Ellijah Munyoki

Mulundi-Kwa Muema Secondary School Deputy Headmaster
Mr. Elijah Munyoki, Kwa Muema Deputy Headmaster

Mr. Elijah, as he was introduced to us in March, was the deputy headmaster and teacher at Kwa Muema Secondary School. He has an outgoing personality and it was fun to get to know him.

He is now a student at Kenyatta University studying teaching, specializing in Kiswahili and CRE. His first term at university was this past summer and his scheduled term off was this fall. Kenyatta has a program where students are in school two of three terms each year. While on break from Kenyatta he returned to Kwa Muema as deputy headmaster and teacher of Kiswahili and CRE for all levels.

Mr. Elijah's shamba in Mulundi village, Kenya
Mr. Elijah's Shamba

During school breaks, in addition to teaching, he raises sukuma wiki, maize, sugar cane and some bananas on his shamba (garden).

Elijah has an enthusiastic and engaging personality and he has been instrumental in the daily management of the school. He cares about the education of the students and encourages them to study at home and attend school regularly. For many students this is difficult since their parents did not attend much school and do not feel the need for extra study time at home, or even to go to school each and every day,  but clearly feel the need for help in the garden or around the house. Elijah understands the challenges of students and their families.

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