Meet Mercy Mutisya

In our home there are four adults. They are: father, mother, grandfather and grandmother. My relationship with them is that father and mother are my parents and grandfather is father of my father. Grandmother is my mother’s mother.

Inour home there are four children. Two are my young sisters and another young brother. I am the oldest child in our home. My fathers work is do small business and my mother is household work. Not only that but also my father is a farmer. They plant different types of crop. They plant the following crops: Sukuma Wiki, Watermelon, spinach, fruit plant (like the pawpaw and banana) and maize.

I aid our family through the following: 1) I help my mother with her chores, 2) Digging in the shamba when we are not gone to school. My favorite subject in school is science. I like this subject because it teaches us more about our body, environment and other. When you practice and hardwork on this subject, you become a doctor and I want to become a doctor.

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