Meet Christine Wambua


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Christine Wambua, student at Mulundi-Kwa Muema Secondary School in Kenya.According to my own understanding about the word household. It means the way of life of a certain family. I am Christine Wambua aged sixteen atKwaMuemaSecondary SchoolinKituiCounty. My parents are Mr. and Mrs., Wambua who by bad luck they are not alive. My dad passed away when I was very younger even I didn’t see him so I was left with my mum who took care of me until I reached a point to join my secondary school education. But recently that is, last week, my mum got sick she was suffering from cancer. Which made her not live any longer & she died. We are seven children left, am second last of the family.

My family that is my mum was earning her living from farming. She was growing crops like maize, beans & also peas. I normally took part in various duties such as cultivating, cooking, collecting firewood & also other areas when am not in school.

My favorite subjects are history and agriculture. I work very hard in them so that I can be an agricultural engineer also through that I can be able to educate the community on how to be self reliant people by growing crops.