Meet Christine Kasyoka Wambua

My name is Christine Kasyoka Wambua. I came from a nuclear family. In our family there are four adults they are my mother, my father, my grandmother and my brother but they are not able to provide me with enough basic needs.

In our family there are also one child whose mother had gone to work at Nairobi but she does not give us anything. We live in peace but we are not comfortable because that child live in our home does not attend Saturday tuition because there are no money. But we don’t matter we just pray to our God to help us.

In our family there are three childrens. They are me, my brother and that child whose mother had gone for the job. I relate with my parents like brothers and sisters whereby we help who had some problems.

My parents work on the farm whereby they plant crops. And some years when the rain is very little we don’t harvest anything. My parents starts going here and there to search for food. my parents grows maize, beans, cowpeas and even vegetable for sometimes.

In our family there are no another girl but me  whom I help my mother in the kitchen for washing utensils, cooking, fetching water and also washing clothes. I wake at the crack of dawn before the birds started singing their melodious song so that I can be educated. So education is the key to success and where you can escape poverty. My favorite subject is English. Where I work harder in it so that in future I will be a lawyer. I have liked it because I would like to see citizens being given fair trials as truth prevails.

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