Meet Alex Nzomo

Alex performs at Harambee at Mulundi-Kwa Muema Secondary School
Alex performs at Harambee at Mulundi-Kwa Muema Secondary School
Would you believe this is a recitation of a poem about education in English?

I first met Alex at the harambee in March. James had already spent some time visiting with Alex and admired him. Alex won an essay contest held last spring and won a reading book. He is the prefect for form three.

Here is an essay that Alex wrote about his household and academics:

My Household

Generally, household refers to the family background, in which I will discuss details about my family in the following paragraphs.

I am Alex Nzomo, a Kenyan Citizen, aged 17 years, currently am in form three atKwaMuemaSecondary SchoolinKituiCounty, Mulundi sub-location.

I am born of an extended family comprising of ten members. That is six adults and four children. I am the third born from that family. My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Nzomo, but unfortunately my father is not alive thus my mother takes care of us.

Alex and his mother at her place of work.

My mother earns a living from casual work, whereby recently she is employed as a casual worker in a nearby dispensary. The little money she earns is used to keep the family going. Apart from this casual work at evening she works in her farm. Where she grows crops like maize, beans, peas and cassava.

During my holidays or the time am not in school I take part in various activities in my home. Among the activites are: cooking, cultivating , washing and fetching water.

My favorite subjects are English, History and Biology. These subjects assis me in being focused to my career, that is being a teacher by profession and I am sure that by God’s grace I will make it and try to uplift the standards of living of my family and the community at large.


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