Math Tutoring Program

The following is a question and answer interview between Janet and the teachers who ran the math tutoring program during the long school break in December.

Math Tutoring Program-2011: Mulundi Primary School Library

Teachers: Mr. P. Kithusi, Mr. Munguu, Ms. Mawía, Mr. E. Munyoki and Mr. Julius Moses (Kyondo).

Students who showed up were mainly the scholarship applicants, three other high school students and elementary school pupils. Everyone who attended was assisted.

How was the Math Tutoring Program? The tuition was successful and commendable. The students were taught how to make use of one another, how to conduct beneficial private and group studies in the library, making use of librarian, learnt new methods of tackling exams.

What are the future plans for the program- It’s my urge and prayer to you to continue lending your hand so as to see the program succeeding more.

Did the students utilize the library books at this time when they were tired of Math? If it is possible please continue encouraging the librarian and assist him to acquire more knowledge and skills so as to directly sow them into our students. Also, increasing the number of revision materials can assist.

Was the length of the program – 3 weeks in December enough? Increasing the number of days can provide more conducive time to interact with the students, learn the individual’s areas of weaknesses and assist accordingly.

How do did you motivate the students to stay focused since this was during the Christmas holidays? I hope dedicating a day and having a speaker to advise some of the students might work effectively.

Is it possible to do this tutoring during the April and August holidays too? The school year was altered by the government now.  The students have 2 weeks off in April, 2 weeks off in August and 5 weeks during Christmas holidays. However, the library is available and we plan to be available to assist the students with their school work.


This information was provided by Mr. Kithusi and Mr. Munguu.


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