March/April 2014

Graduation celebrations: This time we celebrate the graduation of Felix Phalusi from Kenyatta University with a degree in Education and Mr. Pius Maswili who has completed his Diploma in Library Studies at Nairobi University in 2013.

Scholarship News: All of our  2014 scholarship students are taking their first term and first semester examinations.  After that it will be April holiday.

School supplies: Kwa Muema High School has completed the purchase of Math and Science books with a partial grant from the Frazier family. Mulundi Primary school has installed shelves at the Mulundi Community Library.

Kwa Muema High School library Project: Books and Bricks has provided seed money for the establishment of Kwa Muema High School Library. The school Board of Governors met on March 28th, 2014 to discuss the establishment of this library and community support for the project.