Kwa Ngindu Library almost Complete then on to St. Mary’s Masaani, Kenya.

Coming Soon…A new library for St. Mary’s Masaani, Kitui, Kenya. Books and Bricks is happy to announce that we will be breaking ground on a new library at St. Mary’s Masaani, Kenya in April. St. Mary’s Masaani Secondary School is located on the border of Kitui and Machakos in Kenya. This library will benefit the following students and many more in the community.











Back to Kwa Ngindu – The library building is now ready for book shelves, tables, chairs and books and by end of March the library will be ready for utilization – A big thank you to everyone who made Kwa Ngindu Library possible especially – Kwa Ngindu Community, Diocese of Olympia, Godwin Stinson Mission Fund, and other Random Acts Of Kindness – Thank you Susan, Nancy and Athena.






Books and Bricks is committed and dedicated to partnering with communities to increase access to education.

In March, this library will have desks, tables, chairs, a computer, and students learning something new.

You are invited and welcome to fund a library through Books and Bricks. Please contact us., or or