Kwa Muema Secondary and Chess

News from James is always spotty, he is a man of few words, and half of them seem to be “word”.

He arrived late in Nairobi then had a hastle with money…Kenya got itself on the OFAC list (not entirely sure what that is, but it meant he couldn’t use his ATM card–the one that worked fine in March!) and his money was too old for the exchange desk at the airport.

Thank God for the Anglican Church in Kenya (ACK) Guesthouse, Mr. Peterson picked him up even though his plane was late and they even sent me an email to let me know he had arrived safely (Thank you, Lydia).

James was scheduled to meet with Kwa Muema headmaster, Mr. John Ndana at noon the next day(Friday), here is his report on that meeting:

Mr. Musimbe and James in March

“Seems Mr. Ndana has been having trouble with his foot and was at the the doctor this morning.  Got a lot of reading done in the lobby and met him around 4. It sounds that Patrick is off to school as well as Mr. Musimbe (the chap we handed out books with.)  And Mr. Mongole is reporting in October.  Ndana thinks they will get some government teachers for next year.  We didn’t get any books. ”

Here is what we heard from Janet’s brother, Mwema:

“Hope you’re fine and well. I met James and we went home with with him. Guess what we played chess 3 games until late in the evening and I managed to win 2 but he had nice moves. Many people were saying they were not getting his English compared to Greshon but they will get used.” (I think Greshon is Gretchen.)

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