New Library for Kabaa Secondary School, Kitui County, Kenya.

Isabella Strehle is volunteering with Books and Bricks as we partner with Kabaa Community to construct and equip a library at Kabaa Secondary School. Kabaa is one of the three schools day co-ed schools that children from Mulundi Village attend.

Isabella helped us earlier when she was in fifth grade by raising money for two walls for a classroom at Kwa Muema Secondary School. We are very proud of her continued work with Books and Bricks to help raise 80% of the projected building cost and even travel to Kenya in 2018.

Isabella’s Mom, Amber Strehle travelled to Mulundi Village in 2011 to document via photography our mission work.

The Principal at Kabaa, together with board members, parents and the entire community are raising 20% of the total cost. Kabaa has a population of 90 students and serves several primary schools.

You are invited to be part of the new Kabaa Library. Please donate.

Students received books from Books and Bricks Organization and a library would provided equal access to education for the entire community.