June 2015 : Donor Appreciation Month

June is Donor Appreciation Month here at St. John.  We are grateful to the vestry of St. John and individual donors from the larger community that make our mission work possible.  This month on June 20th, 2015, all donors to Books and Bricks are invited to our church parish for a Donor Appreciation Event.  For more details email or call Mike at exforester2015 at gmail.com or call 206 280 2440.

Five things we are grateful for:

1. Every child, donor and donation in our mission work. Asante

2. A new college scholarship from the Strigen Family.  Asante.

2. A new library at Kwa Muema High School. Asante

3. An harambee in Kenya in July/August to send one girl student to Nursing School. Asante.

4. A new patron for Books and Bricks – Father Michael Carroccino. Welcome home Father Michael.