Jason Pius Maswili reports to University of Nairobi

Pius Jason Maswili-……First Mulundi Librarian off to … University of Nairobi.

Pius Jason Maswili completed high school in 2009.  A son of a single mother, he knew that college was a door not opening soon. He continued to assist his mother in the household, milking cows, herding and peasant farming work. In 2011, an opportunity opened for him, when he interviewed and was offered a library volunteer position at Mulundi Primary School.

Pius trained with Gretchen and James. Pius was present when the first book and the first computer were brought by Gretchen to the library. Gretchen had this to say of Pius  ‘I hired him because he seemed to understand the process‘. The librarian volunteers during school hours.

Pius is a very committed young man. He saved a lot of his stipend and applied to several colleges. In May, 2012 he received an admission letter to pursue a Diploma in Information Studies at the University of Nairobi.

Pius paid approximately 40 % of the 1st term college fees, and requested for a scholarship from Books and  Organization to assist with the rest of his tuition. Our mission is Education and we are proud to partner with Jason Pius Maswili in his quest for further education.

Jason Pius at Nairobi University Gate