Happy Holidays 2015

Books and Bricks wishes all the students, donors and well wishers Happy Holidays.  On Thanksgiving Day we give thanks to God for his mercies and loving kindness.  We would like to thank Bishop Greg and his wife Marti for attending our 5 year celebration and fundraising dinner.  We thank Kristina Darnell for her comparison of the American years 1915-2015 and Mulundi Village, Kenya.

During these holidays we would like to update everyone on the following:

(i) We raised $7000 during our 5 year celebration and fundraising dinner to maintain 8 college students and 34 high school students in school, two libraries, a Math Teacher and a Librarian..

(ii) School is closed in Kenya for the Christmas holidays and will resume the first week of January 2016.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.