Books and Bricks Global Scholars hit the ground running. They visited many schools to ensure students had reported. They met with teachers, parents, students and government representatives.

The main request was for school supplies, textbooks, exercise books, pens, pencils, maize meal, sanitary towels, erasers, geometrical sets, milk, sugar and calculators.

One Head Teacher at a rural school in Kenya said,
“We do express gratitude to the entire organization for the supplies of books and food for our children.”

Schools in Sub-Saharan Africa lack adequate buildings, school supplies, enough teachers, not to mention food, a basic need. The flooding disaster in Kenya has led to around half a million children out of school as reported by the local paper.

Did you know a pen in rural Africa costs more than 25% of a family’s income of a $1 a day?  And a geometrical set or calculator is out of reach of most families?

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