Groundbreaking Day for a Science Laboratory.

Remember the first time you went into a science lab and carried out a litmus test to find out the acidity or alkalinity of a substance? Remember learning about PH in theory and then in practice, and paper chromatography?

Groundbreaking Day brings together parents, teachers and students to dig the foundation and create ownership of a new school building. This month we are building a science lab. February is very hot, and parents take turns dig the foundation and by the end of the day, it is complete.

This lab will be utilized to teach and learn physics, chemistry, biology and agriculture.  The science lab will also serve nearby junior and secondary schools. Teachers and students share resources in times of scarcity to ensure there is something for everyone and success for all. 

Every year, Books and Bricks Global constructs a library or science lab for a school in rural Africa.  It will take us 100 years to build 50 libraries and 50 science labs.

We invite you today to make a donation towards a school building, a library or science lab.  Thank you.