Giving Changes the World

According to Johnson, co-founder of Books and Bricks Global,

“One of the greatest gifts my parents bestowed on me is   giving.” 

Giving changes families, communities and the world for the better.  Books and Bricks Global accepts donations throughout the year. Your generous gifts and donations provide scholarships, construct school buildings and provide much needed school supplies.

Five years ago, your donations catapulted five girls into university to pursue their dreams of a higher education. Two will graduate to teach high school and three will graduate with degrees in Commerce, Penology, and Banking and Finance.

1500% rise in income! Their income will now change from eking a living for under a dollar a day to a salary with a pension.

And it is not just girls we are educating; We are creating opportunities for young people who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. Three young men will also graduate this year to become high school teachers. One of them waited for more than 5 years to locate a scholarship to pursue college education.

We invite you to give and change the lives of children through education.