Schools are open. But not all. After two weeks of school closures nationwide in Kenya, parents accompanied their children to school today. For the first time, parents and teachers will assess the damage caused by floods in the classrooms and the entire school compound.  Some schools will have to wait for the local government to fix classrooms, drain flooded toilets and fix any exposed electrical wires.

Students who walk along this winding road will have to watch out for falling mud and rocks. They have to be careful of the new gulleys created by the flooding on the other side of the road.

Schools are the centre of the community.  In the last five years, schools have been closed due to Covid pandemic, high temperatures (Sudan) and flooding in Kenya.  Thriving societies support schools to ensure the next generation is prepared and ready for the future.

Your donations will support students stay in school and thrive academically, socially and emotionally.  With your donations, Books and Bricks Global provides basic school supplies, school buildings and scholarships.

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