Elijah Syengo- A college degree raised my salary by 550%

In 2011, Amber, traveled from the Northwest to Mulundi Village. She was tasked with meeting people,
and finding out where there was need. She carried with her, a specific donated amount of money
that could be used to meet that need. She wasn’t sure how this would go, but she later reported,
“When I met Mr. Elijah, everything fell into place, I knew that I had found my “need”.”
     I can’t explain it really, but we very much hit it off right at the start. We found ourselves walking
     along the village road together and he told me his story. It moved me deeply. Born and
     raised in Mulundi, he had lost his father at a very young age — and now at 19, he himself was
     solely responsible for his mother, brother, sister-in-law and a cousin who had also lost his father.

He handled his burden with such grace, humility and wisdom — far beyond his 19 years.
The mission team went to work to find a way to best help him, and found out that Elijah had already
passed his exams to get into university but was unable to go because of the financial responsibilities to
his family.

Instead of college for himself, he was paying for his nephew to attend high school.
We decided to take on the nephews high-school expenses, and that freed up Elijah for college. He
began attending University right away! It is this type of story that brings us all joy and satisfaction.
Where is Elijah today? Elijah is teaching high school Kiswahili and Christian Religious Education.
Before he left for college he was earning $2/day. Now he is earning $13/day. His salary jumped 550%
because of his education. And that education was made possible by donations through Books & Bricks
He has a secure job, he is well remunerated, he is well trained, and he is ready to teach and mentor the
next generation of African scholars and world leaders. On December 16th, 2014, Elijah will graduate
from Kenyatta University,
earning a Bachelor of Arts
in Education.