Defy Gravity, Invest in Education.

Phillip Wesley Briscoe Library walling is almost complete. This library will provide over 1000 children with access to  books, programs and open the literary world to the community.

This library needs more books. The current inventory is 500 books.

At this moment the library is providing work to both skilled and unskilled workers in the community.  Once complete, it will support more art, more stories and improve literacy among children and teens.

The library will also be a community hub. It will provide a safe space for women and girls to learn about maternal health from other community members.

This library will finally open the community to receive government extension officers. The community can then learn more about water, medicine, education, food and receive any relief from both the government and non-governmental organizations.

After roofing this library, we will install shelves. We invite you to add more books to the shelves in our library.  To more books!