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KWA NGINDU LIBRARY – Construction continues.

The Fundis at Kwa Ngindu are back after the Christmas holiday to continue with library construction.       Local construction materials on site.         Fundi’s...


Congratulations – Simon Graduation

Simon – A Books and Bricks Scholar graduated from Kenya Technical University with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.


Harambee + Grants = Working Together

What is “harambee”?

Dancers at a Harambee at Kwa Muema Secondary School in March, 2011

Harambee is Swahili for working together. In Kenya this word refers to a gala fund raising event with food (often roasted goat), and soft drinks, speeches, song and dance.

Mulundi Village Harambees.

The community of Mulundi holds harambees to match funds from Books and Bricks.

The village has held harambees to:

1.  Complete unfinished classrooms at St. Mulumba’s Kwa Muema.

2.  Raise high school fees for  girls in Mulundi to attend high school.

3. Send students to college.

4. Close the gap between government and parent fee payment at the schools.



A drummer at Kwa Muema harambee and Amber Strehle taking a photo

Many of the images on this web site were taken by Amber Strehle of Tres Birds Studio. Check out her blog for more  photos of our March mission trip to Mulundi, and information about the polytechnic and scholarship student Mr. Elijah Munyoki.


We apply and received grants to continue our work in Kenya. You are very much welcome to partner with us to promote education in Africa.