Book-It for Mulundi

Mulundi Kwa Muema Secondary School Student with bookNow to February 5th: We are collecting books to take with us to Mulundi. There are six suitcases we can take with about 40lb of books in each. Focus for physical books is on those not readily available in Kenya. We are also very happy to receive money, which we can use to purchase books in Kenya, especially books by African authors and novels in Swahili. We would also like to arrange for a couple of magazine subsciptions while we are there.

Books we most need are:

    • High quality children’s non-fiction books with good illustrations. They particulary need books to make science come alive and seem relevant and books about the world we live in. Books for all ages from “baby class” to Secondary Students. (FYI: Usborne and Eyewitness are two publishers not readily available in Kenya, Dorling Kindersley is.)
    • Novels for adults (NOT “adult novels”). Books that are fun to read and a little on the easy side (as many adults have had limited exposure to written English). Just remember that the readers live a different cultural context so books can be hard to follow if they assume a knowledge of American pop culture.


    Bring books to: Saint John’s: 3050 California Ave SW in West Seattle by Sunday February 5th.

Beyond the suitcases:

We are planning to purchase books and library supplies in Nairobi to take out to the village. The cost of books is generally $2 to $5 so even a small contribution makes an impact. Focus for Nairobi purchases will be on African authors and books in Swahili and Kamba for those who do not read English. How to donate.

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