Appreciation Dinner- June 16, 2012

Books and Bricks held a Appreciation Dinner on June 16, 2012.  The event, held at Diocesan House, St. Marks Cathedral was to appreciate Seattle donors who have contribute for the past 2 years to support development activities at Mulundi Village, Kenya

The donors were welcomed to the event by Rev. Greg Peters of  St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church. Kenneth Duvall and Rick Bautista provided plates of tapas while Amber Strehle and Gretchen Frankenstein presented student success stories and provided Mulundi Community Library updates.

Highlights of the evening:

  • Kwa Muema High School has a new Principal, Ms. Ruth Muia.
  • Mulundi Community Library has a new librarian, Ms. Tracy M. Sammy.
  • All the high school scholarship students are in school for the 2nd term of the school year.
  • All university students have reported to college.

Deacon Sally Carlson of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church gave the final dismissal.

Special Thanks to Blaire Notrica (Assistant to Bishop Greg Rickle) for his assistance at the Diocesan House and Robert Shives, Photography.