12-year old makes donation from Plano, Texas


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12 year old Adam Johnson called two weeks ago from Texas. ‘Tell me more about books and bricks’, he said. At the end of the conversation, he pledged $75 and promised to ask his parents Dave and Teri for a matching donation. On Sept 4th, 2012, a check for $150 arrived from Adam’s parents. His father David had this to say when he visited West Seattle where Books and Bricks is based ‘Adam is very interested in what you are doing. He has visited your website multiple times. He wants to make a difference in the world’.

Adam Johnson


Books and Bricks and Mulundi Village is grateful for Adam’s donation. Adam will be able to communicate with one of the students his donation will assist to attend high school from Mulundi village in Kenya in 2013.  ‘Adam is pretty excited’, his father concluded via email.