To inspire students to study medicine, we are building a science lab. This incredible resource for any high school opens a world of possibilities and opportunities for students to learn and think of choosing a career in research and medicine.

In rural areas, you may find one clinical officer if any. With a lab at their school, these students are now open to pursuing further education in radiography, medical science labs, community health nursing and even surgery!

Constructing this lab so soon after the Covid pandemic closed schools worldwide and killed millions, is helping students be proactive in solving world problems. How can we stay safe? How can our families stay healthy? What can we do to make our community, our nation, our world a better place for ourselves and our children to live in?

Materials used to construct a building in rural areas are water, sand, stone, bricks and cement. Parents provide labour to ensure the building is complete and ready for use.


We are inviting you to be involved by funding a student to pursue college education in medicine and construct another science lab.


(Photos Courtesy of Books and Bricks Global Scholars),