A Portrait of BBG Engineers

BBG future Civil Engineer

future engineerA first year student, he reported to college in September and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering). Some of his classes are:
Communication Skills, Material Sciences, Chemistry for Engineers, Physics for Engineers, and Engineering Mathematics I and II.

Remember Simon, aeronautical engineer?

Simon, aeronautical engineer

His education was interrupted by Covid 19 and after waiting for more than a year and half, he finally reported to graduate school.

I’m so happy to share with you that I arrived in the UK on October 4th. In accordance with the UK travel restriction, I went through a 10 days quarantine and came out today. It was a happy day for me to enjoy the freedom, meet new friends, enjoy a sunny day and see England for the first time!…. This is to let you know that I’m doing well and thank you for helping me reach this far….No one can realize the importance of freedom unless denied it! I walked out,.. and visited the nearest town – Milton Keynes… During the quarantine, I was in position to attend online classes and access reading/reference materials. From next Monday I will be attending face to face classes…

We are grateful to Tom Holford, Cliff Williams, University of Cranfield, Technical University of Kenya, friends and family led by Dr. Makali Mulu, MP, Kitui Central for funding his graduate education. The UK government provided a quarantine bursary!

Agnes, Water Engineer

Agnes, water engineer

Agnes is a 2nd year student. She emailed us these classes she is taking this semester:
Remote Sensing and GIS 1, Soil Mechanics 2, Structural Mechanics 2, Waste Water 2, Numerical Method-Power series, Principles of management, Technical Drawing(CAD), Drilling Technology, Measurement of Civil Eng. Quantities, and Construction Plant and Equipment.

We thank the Phillip Briscoe family for funding Agnes’ education.