7 days to a new school year.

With 7 days to go till school opening day, the construction crew are busy roofing this library at Archbishop Nzimbi School in Kenya. This library will be ready for utilization early May. Apart from the high schoolers, several community groups and primary schools will use the library.

Books and Bricks Global college scholars are meeting with students to encourage them to report to school next week. The government is committed to 100% transition from 8th grade to high school.

Books and Bricks Global is excited to contribute to the education in the country by sending two teacher trainees to report to class on Monday. One of them will be teaching Mathematics and Geography.

The current challenges facing the country include lack of rains, ongoing food shortages and famine especially in arid and semi arid areas. The President has declared hunger a national disaster.

A well funded education is the fastest way out of poverty.